Limnos is the eighth largest island of Greece with an area of 476 square kilometers and the fourth in coastline (260 km). It’s Located in the northern Aegean. The capital and main port of Limnos is Myrina, named after the wife of the first king of the island, Thoas. Apart from Myrina, Limnos has still 32 villages.

  Limnos is a volcanic island. Although there are no forests, extensive plains cultivated with cereals and vines can be found. The island is full with beautiful and clean beaches and is an ideal destination for quiet vacations. There are even labeled traditional villages with excellent architecture. Because the winds prevailing in the island during the summer months, Limnos, regarded as one of the best destinations for water sports such as windsurf and surf kite for beginners and beyond. Furthermore, in the taverns of the island you can enjoy fresh fish coming out of the clean seas of Lemnos accompanied by local delicacies. The main occupation of the people is farming, agriculture and fisheries, tourism, trade and maritime occupations. The  island’s population is 17,000 inhabitants based on the census of 2011 (in 2001 the population had been around 18,000).

  Limnos has a strong tradition of local products, such as dairy, especially cheese (“Melichloro”, “Kalathaki”), honey and cereals (nuts, the wheat flour and the flomaria is famous), raki, and wide selection of wines, white and red with a special flavor because of volcanic ground. The best known variety of red wine is kalampaki or Limnio (designation of origin). As for the white wine the most popular variety is the Muscat of Alexandria. There are also known some traditional sweets such as “Venizelos” (which took its name from the fact that loved the El. Venizelos who tested them during his visit to Limnos after the liberation of the island) and “Samsun” (syrupy sweet with sesame wrapped in foil).